University of Nebraska Kearney
Cal State Dominguez Hills

The Process

Over the years, we’ve launched thousands of websites, and we’ve learned a little something from each one. No two sites (or launches) are the same, and we understand and embrace that. Your new site will follow the SIDEARM Timeline process, which is guided by Tina Bowman and our Project Management team. Our team worries about the details, and you get to enjoy watching your new site come to life.


Our team of designers is constantly scouring the edges of the internet researching the latest trends in design and functionality. We start each and every design with a completely blank slate and we guarantee that your site will be as unique as you’d like it to be, while still making sure your site is user friendly and easy to navigate.


The SIDEARM software is jam packed with features, none of which are any good if you don’t know how to use them. We hold weekly virtual training sessions that any SIDEARM client is welcome to attend regardless of their tenure at SIDEARM. Had a new member join your staff? Need a refresher on some of the more intricate features? Give us a call!


We know that you don’t work the average 9-5 job, and neither do we. A member of our support team is always available until 10pm EST by phone in-season, and by email 24/7/365. When you need us, we’re here!

SIDEARM Features

Splash Page Management
Embed video or clickable regions within ads/splash pages
Embed Rich Media ads (jQuery, Flash, etc…)
Swap out ads at anytime
Keep 100% of revenue for ads which you upload
Dropdown Ads
Generate Countdowns (to kick-off, tip-off, etc..)
Impression/Click Through stats


Mobile Live Stats
Mobile website included
iOS Native App*
Android Native App*

Generate Revenue

Streaming Video
Photo Sales
Ad sales
Custom Forms (camps, dinners, kids club, etc..)

Streaming Video*

Stream unlimited live or OnDemand Events
HTML 5 Video streaming
Multi bitrate streaming
iOS compatible streaming
Integrated live stats
Integrated social media

Social Media

Facebook Integration
Twitter Integration
Pinterest Integration
YouTube Integration
LinkedIN Integration
Google+ Integration
Foursquare Integration
URL Shortner
QR Code Generator
Ability for fans to like, share, promote pages
Option for Facebook comments
Event Social Promotion
Integrate YouTube videos
YouTube Playlist integration


Ability to upload/download StatCrew roster files
Include team photo
Upgrade rosters from year to year
Customize fields per roster
Quickedit rosters
One athlete can be associated with multiple rosters
Dynamic season/game stats
Import rosters from Excel
Batch headshots


Live HTML Media Stats (Football, Basketball)
Live Mobile Stats (all available sports)
Live Flash Stats (all available sports)
Live Native Android App stats*
Live video & stats*
Ability to send stats directly to ESPN (NCAA D1)
Automatically update season stats on rosters
Ability to send boxscores to NCAA
Interactive boxscores
Interactive Cumulative stats


Import schedule data from Excel
Quickscore Available
Batch editing
Dynamically generated records
Manage tournaments
Social Promotion
Integrate with campus calendars
Ability for users to download schedules to calendars
Use of logo database
Upload XML box scores
Ability to send boxscores to NCAA
Interactive boxscores
Interactive Cumulative stats

Stories/Press Releases

Postdate stories
Embed video within story
Crop, resize, and enhance photos
Associate story with multiple sports
Associate pre/postgame stories with schedules
Broadcast stories to press (email)
Send stories to Facebook, Twitter, or SMS

Photo Galleries

Unlimited Photo Galleries
Automatically resizes photos
Ability to Sell Photos
Ability to use gallery photos within stories
On-Demand sales reports